Maclay Associates Team

 Maclay Associates provides services to improve business performance and determine process solutions. With over 75 years of combined corporate and small business experience, the team brings extensive knowledge of the global product life cycle process. We work with your team to clarify current processes and identify opportunities to maximize efficiencies. We offer support to overcome internal resistance to process and technology change.

Margaret Maclay -President

Margaret Maclay, a certified business performance coach, has more than 25 years of experience in global corporate strategic planning and process improvement. She has worked for corporations with worldwide reach to develop production efficiencies and strategies for department heads to execute in order to maximize their teams’ profitability and productivity.

Today Maclay applies her expertise in conjunction with the FocalPoint Coaching method to help executives, senior-level managers and business owners identify the most productive and valuable use of their time; develop the most efficient and cost-effective operations; and increase profitability for their companies.

Maclay’s coaching practice clarifies current processes, identifies opportunities to maximize efficiencies, and offers support to overcome internal resistance to change. After clients complete a comprehensive Business Assessment, she guides them to develop their own action plan creating focus, structure and stated goals that are geared to build business. Her practice offers select one-on-one coaching for executives and owners of multi-million-dollar corporations and group coaching sessions for small-business owners; and she guides clients in maintaining accountability for executing their action plans.

“In today’s evolving business climate, executives must maintain laser focus and shift their tactics to attain their business goals,” says Maclay. “By using the common sense, straightforward tactics of the FocalPoint Coaching method, my clients are able to lead their teams and transform their business models to respond to the challenges of the current marketplace.”

Maclay has been affiliated since 2007 with FocalPoint Coaching. She manages the Behavior Assessment Program for FocalPoint, sits on the organization’s Strategic Advisory Group and is a designated trainer for incoming FocalPoint coaches. She won its prestigious Campbell Fraser Award for Coaching Excellence in 2008 based on positive client feedback.

An active member of the community, Maclay is a mentor and board member of Fort Lee High School’s Academy of Finance, chairs the Program and Events Committee for the Greater Fort Lee Chamber of Commerce, chairs an alumni network and association for her alma mater, Philadelphia University; and is a member of the National Board of Advisors for The Baldwin School for Girls.


 For more information or to contact Margaret Maclay, visit http://margaretmaclay.focalpointcoaching.com or call 201-406-1690.